About Me

As of April 2016, I'm a graduate of Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor of Studio Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design. In my four years of study, I've learned a lot about design and production, but the majority of my knowledge comes from my time in the workforce. I used to work at a sign shop in my Allendale for about three years, but now I am working as a Multimedia Designer for a magazine publisher in Sparta. Both places have taught me a lot about communication, working quickly and effectively, and designing in different ways for various media. I would say as a result I am a much more efficient and effective designer.


If I was to say I have a style, I would say it's uncluttered. I usually try to avoid designing in a specific way, but I will admit that I tend to be minimal in my designing. I prefer to look at something that's clean, elegant, and confident in itself. And I try to keep that mindset prevalent in my work. If something isn't absolutely necessary, it usually doesn't make it to the final draft. That's just the way I like it: bold, tasteful, and self-assured.


That's enough talking for now. Explore my work, and send me a question or comment if you wish.


Enjoy, and thanks for looking!